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Geela Jessica Simpson eucuO
Geela Jessica Simpson
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NPLW ROUND 12 REVIEW: Souths Lions Keep the Goals Coming

Moreton Bay United 3 (Askin 11’, Schaefer 53’, See 84’)

The Gap FC 2 (Petterwood 17’, 23’) Wolter Park 1

Moreton Bay overcome Petterwood double in top four clash

Moreton Bay United were 3-2 winners over The Gap FC on Friday night at Wolter Park 1. The victory ensures Moreton Bay stay fourth on the ladder and now sit just three points behind The Gap FC.

Captain Lauren Askin opened the scoring in the 11 th minute for Moreton Bay, now having scored four games in a row, before Tiarne Petterwood took her season goal tally to 17 with a quick brace.

Ali Schaefer levelled the match at 2-2, before an 84 th minute winner by Velvet See sealed the comeback for Moreton Bay United.

Schaefer has scored six weeks in a row with 11 goals to her name, surpassing her effort of 10 goals for Peninsula Power last season.

Sunshine Coast Wanderers 2 (Isbel 48’, Berry 65’) Mudgeeraba SC 1 (Tsuzumi 11’) Ballinger Park Buderim Field 1

Sunshine Coast sneak past Mudgeeraba

Sunshine Coast Wanderers proved to be too good for Mudgeeraba SC beating the Gold Coast-based side 2-1 on Saturday at Ballinger Park.

Maisie Berry opened her account for the season for Sunshine Coast and Chloe Isbel scored her second this season, after Ena Tsuzumi scored for the away side in the first half.

The result means Sunshine Coast are ahead of Mudgeeraba on the ladder on goal difference, with Sunshine Coast now with two games in hand over Mudgeeraba.

SWQ Thunder 2 (Rolfe 9’, 38’) BRFC/NTC 5 (Thomson 18’, Noon 25’, Margraf 34’, Freier 48’, 60’) Clive Berghofer Stadium

Brisbane run away with it

In an entertaining game, BRFC/NTC beat SWQ Thunder 5-2 on Saturday at Clive Berghofer Stadium.

Anna Margraf and Sharn Freier each scored their third goals of the season, with Freier netting twice while Imogen Noon scored her first of the season for BRFC/NTC in the important victory.

BRFC/NTC now sit in sixth place on the ladder, only three points behind Mitchelton in fifth, and six points ahead of Gold Coast United.

Eastern Suburbs 1 (McKeen 37’) Souths United 8 (Chapman 4’, 32’, 48’, 82’, 87’, Rushton 60’, 68’, Norrie, 35’) Heath Park 1

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